What You Should Know About Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

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False negative results of HCG

One of the major times when one gets a false negative result after testing for HCG is when the test is done too early in the pregnancy. As a result of anxiety, one may perform the HCG test a day or two after fertilization has taken place. In such a case, the result will read negative yet the pregnancy is positive. A few days later when the same test is done a positive result is obtained even when there has been no sex since the last test.

When one suspects a false negative result, further tests can be ordered. Alternatively, other types of tests can be done so as to confirm such. For example the physician can order for a pelvic scan. If it is a false negative result on the tests, a pelvic scan will show nothing on the uterus.

False positive results of HCG test

Another time when there can be a false positive is when there is presence of protein in the urine. This gives a positive result especially in the home based test which tests for HCG presence and not quantity. It is considered a false positive because it is indicating a possibility of pregnancy yet the reality is there is no pregnancy.

Another situation that can lead to one getting positive results yet there is no pregnancy is when one gets it into their mind that they are pregnant. All physical conditions will also show that they are pregnant yet the reality is that they are not pregnant. When this happens the pituitary gland in the brain sends signal to the body that it is pregnant. The body responds by behaving like it is pregnant. Changes such as missed periods, breasts enlarge and become more sensitive, the feet also start to swell and the stomach also enlarges just like it does during true pregnancy.

a healthy diet is important during pregnancy

When a HCG test is done it may also be positive yet it is supposed to be negative. The only test that can show that indeed there is no pregnancy is the pelvic scan or ultra sound done on the womb. It shows there is no embryo or fetus that is growing in the stomach.

Fragments of HCG molecules may also be found in the urine or blood after a miscarriage or abortion. This may also cause the test results to read as positive. Just as in the case of a false negative result, further tests should be done on the samples to confirm especially in the cases of doubting the results at hand. This is mainly done by the lab technician and interpreted to the patient by a health physician.


When one is on certain drugs for medication, test result of HCG may indicate a positive. This is considered a fal se positive because, HCG should mainly be used to determine pregnancy. So when it is positive with no pregnancy it qualifies to be called false positive. The drugs which mainly cause a false positive are anti-convulsing drugs, hypnotics drugs, anti-histamine drugs and in other cases diuretics. An example of drugs that can provide a false positive – Simply Slim real HCG drops


Other Indications of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

don't forget the fruits and veggies ladies!The presence of HCG in the urine or blood is the main confirmation of positive pregnancy. However it might be an indication of some types of cancers in the body. When one is not pregnant and is found to have very high levels of HCG, It might be an indication of a pregnancy related cancer. However, high levels of HCG, might be a major symptom of cancer or tumor in the breast, lungs and kidney. There is a strong possibility of tumors in these body tissues when HCG is tested and found in the blood.

Males may also be found with HCG after a test. When this is the case then it is a likely possibility that the individual has cancer in the testicles.

Therefore HCG particles found in either males or females in cases of no pregnancy, should prompt the physician or the patient to order for further tests to either confirm the presence or absence of cancer tumors.

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