The Health Dangers of Cleaning Up a Crime Scene

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Crime scene clean up is an important activity for the health and safety of those who will be left to use the scene. In cleaning and making the location of crime safe, there are dangers that crime scene cleaners face themselves. The police will remove high risk hazards for the public and the family affected, but the family will be left with the burden of cleaning the crime scene well. that’s why crime scene cleaners exist.

Working in a crime scene is an exposure to biological chemical, physical and psychological hazards that must be properly handled. Crime scene cleaners walk to what other people consider highly harmful to their health and remove them to make the environment safe for everyone.

Biohazards at the crime scene

Biohazards in a scene of crime include all tissues and body fluids that that result from events at the scene of crime. Biohazards are basically conduits of communicable diseases, mostly blood borne diseases but they are not limited to that. These diseases include HIV, hepatitis A and B It could be other diseases like influenza among others.

The spread and extent of biological hazards in a crime scene depend on the crime its self and how it was committed. For instance a homicide could be a massacre or a single case of murder, the spread of hazards. It also varies in degree of risk involved.

Some crime scenes may be discovered late, this may be a serious biological hazard because of the decomposing material left in the crime scene. The crime scene at that time will not only be stinking but will also be potentially full of pathogen.

Zoonotic diseases (animal diseases that can affect) are another health hazard that crime scene cleaners are eminently faced with. Where they work there is a possibility that a pet was kept, this pet could also cause diseases. For instance, getting into contact with fecal matter of a cat in a scene of crime could lead to round which is a zoonotic disease. The disease does not have to be associated with the crime; the presence of the cat in the scene could be just enough reason.

Pcrime-scene-123hysical Hazards

Cleaning a crime has physical hazards depending on the environment of the crime. The floor could be slippery and when carpets are removed for cleaning. There are times when cleaning may require that the cleaner gets into confined space, this is also a health hazard because of the injuries that may occur while the cleaner is operating in the narrow space.

The regular repeated tasks as one is cleaning a crime scene lie lifting and pushing also have health consequences that of strain on certain joints and muscles.

Chemical hazards

Crime scenes involving chemical suicide or murder could also contaminate the scene. There are some chemicals that would linger long enough to be fatal to human life. A good example of this chemical is hydrogen sulfide which could be absorbed by furniture and continue to be released hours after it is all done.

Cleaning of crime scene also needs chemical detergents that remain on the surfaces for sometimes and a portion of it also lingers in the air. Some of the chemicals used are benzene, methanol, ammonia, iodine and hydrochloric acid among others. These chemicals are capable of getting into the body through the skin and can also be inhaled. These chemicals have both immediate and accumulated effect.

Psychological health hazards of crime scene cleaning

Crime scene could be traumatizing to clean much more if it involves death. The mind can hardly ever be told that which not to imagine or to imagine. A family member of the deceased cleaning a crime scene could be thoroughly disturbing to the person.

The vision of blood is also disturbing to some people. If the blood is extensive in the room, it is even worse. A person dealing with this environment must be trained to prepare for disturbing visions.

A cleaner of crime scene may see some things that may make them need a counselor.


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