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Common Practices That Harm Dental Health

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Dental health is an important thing for you to maintain. There are however some common beliefs and practices which hinder maintenance of proper dental health. The habits that pose a danger to dental health are:healthy teeth

  1. Cleaning teeth with hard brush

There are many people who believe that it is better to clean teeth with a hard brush. It is wrong since using hard brush erodes enamel of the teeth from their necks. It makes the teeth to be rough on the surface and exposes the sensitive layer. It also causes gum to recede from roots. The right thing is to use a soft brush and toothpaste. Clean your teeth gently.

  1. Failure to clean teeth after noticing bleeding gums

There is a common belief that teeth should not be cleaned after noticing bleeding gums. This should not be the case because bleeding gums are the initial sign of inflammation which is caused by inadequate cleaning. If you avoid brushing the teeth, it will cause accumulation of germ layer leading to more infections and horrible odors. The right thing is to visit a dentist to examine the bleeding gums and offer treatment to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

  1. Removing food between teeth with wooden sticksunhealthy teeth

There is a coming belief that it is good to pick the teeth with wooden sticks to remove food particles stuck between them. This is bad for dental health because it injures gums and causes erosion of teeth. Do not use wooden sticks on teeth and spaces between them that are filled by gum. If you must use them, restrict it to spaces between teeth or gums whenever they are not in contact with each other but be gentle.  Well known dentist H. Peter Ku, D.D.S., PA   recommends to dental floss instead of wooden sticks.

  1. It is normal for expectant women to lose teeth

Although hormonal changes during pregnancy could make teeth and gums to be n more susceptible to tooth decay and other infections, it is not normal for a woman to lose a tooth with birth of each child. In fact it is always the case that a   woman suffers from decay or infection because the teeth and gums can stay healthy during pregnancy and delivery. The important thing for women planning to have children is to brush her teeth at least twice a day, observe dental oral hygiene and get periodic teeth cleaning by a dentist. Regular dental check up at this time is important since different hormones could worsen gingival inflammation increasing possibility of losing teeth. A dentist will notice it early and give tips on how maintain dental health during pregnancy. It is also important to eat healthy food during pregnancy and a good amount of vitamins necessary for maintenance of necessary calcium level to maintain healthy teeth.

  1. Using teeth to open cans or break hard things with teeth

carrots are good for you dental health

Breaking hard things or opening cans with the teeth does not exhibit their strength and hardness. It instead cause cracks within the enamel which could make the teeth to be broken or sensitive. You could even lose your teeth particularly if they are covered with ceramic objects or crowns. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are also more vulnerable to breaking.

  1. Failure to clean baby teeth

Many parents do not know that baby (deciduous) teeth should be cleaned and checked regularly be a pediatric dentist. These teeth   need cleaning and regular inspection especially for kids of 2-5 years. It is equally important to teach children how to clean their teeth and observing the routine unsupervised. Children should use toothpaste with less fluoride as it is not unusual for children to swallow small amount of tooth paste.

  1. Leaving breast or feeding bottle in the mount during sleep

When breastfeeding a baby, do not leave the breast or feeding bottle in the mouth compromises dental health. Most milk products have sugars that can cause tooth decay. Sucking for long time may also hamper growth of upper jaw.

There are many things people do or belief but end up affecting their dental health therefore it is important to consult a dentist about whatever you are not sure about.

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Tips on How to Manage Pain in General

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Pain may be experienced either as a result of an injury or the sum total of hurting parts of your body over a period of time. But no one ever felt comfortable being in pain. When you feel pain, the first reaction is how to eliminate it. Depending on your tactics, or the source of pain, it may not totally be eliminated. But there are tips on How to Manage Pain in General.

Weight Maintenance: You should not let yourself balloon into obesity, because the risk of being overweight is coming down with severe arthritis. When you’re obese, even simple tasks defeat you, which can lead to health complications. The excess fat is draped all over tissues and the rate of metabolism slows down. In order to lose weight, you must combine exercises with a good diet, and then be persistent. Obesity waters down immunity, and so the body’s ability to offer relief is obstructed.

Make a Distraction: Another great method of managing pain is distracting yourself from your helplessness. The mind is very responsive to a positive vibe. And so, finding the things that you enjoy make the mind adapt to them. In this way, there’s shift from the worries and concerns of your pain to the things that you enjoy to do or think about.

Diet: This is also an important tip on reduction of pain. The diet you have influences important aspects of your system. But you should focus on a diet that improves the circulation of blood, controls blood sugar, eases digestion and is beneficial to your weight management. Diet plays an important role in ensuring that a person stays in top form by boosting up immunity. And so, investing in the right diet is an appropriate tool of pain reduction. More emphasis should be given on plant foods like vegetables and fruits.

Massage: Another effective method of pain control is using the services of a masseuse. Many people with chronic pain use massage to leverage the pain. It should be slow and calm and the result will be easing up tension and deriving considerable utility of your body. Something like acupuncture lisle il is very effective as well.

Meditation: This is also an Important tip on How to Manage Pain in General. Meditation is tied to the body and mind. It seeks to bring into focus the pattern of breathing. This exercises helps in clarity of vision and brings inner peace. One of the best forms of meditation is yoga. Yoga was an ayurvedic treatment mode and it still works to this day. The idea is that supplying your body with enough prana will bring good tidings in your body and key of them is top health.

Reduce stress: It’s well known that stress is an inducer of pain. So, you’d do well to try to manage it, if not eliminate it. One of the ways of reducing stress is by indulging in activities that you enjoy like listening to music or watching movies or just going out with friends. That shift causes you to not be worried about your pain and now focus is on the joy you’re having.

Exercise: Another brilliant way of managing pain is by exercising. The exercises affect the production of brain chemicals that affect moods. And so, production of chemicals that boost up moods is necessary in order to shift focus from the pain into enjoying the moment.



Drink Less Alcohol: Alcohol should be regulated if not cut off. The effect of excessive alcohol consumption is that it causes insomnia. To a person suffering from pain, you’d want as much rest as you can get. Therefore, reducing alcohol helps you have quality sleep.

Don’t smoke: Cigarettes must be marked with a skull and cross bones. Smoking does have adverse effects on health; it may lead to complications of the heart, as well as blood circulation.

Join a Support Group: If your pain is chronic you may do well to join a support system. Look for others with the same condition and form a group that takes care of everyone. This prepares you to help others and also have the reassurance of standby help in case of complications.    

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Bicycling And Conditioning – Is it Healthy?

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Bicycles have been used over the years for different reasons. The two major reasons are leisure and transport. Studies have however shown that there is a remarkable improvement among those who ride their bicycles to work or use them for other reasons more than those who don’t. It is therefore considered as one of the best ways of exercising the body.

Ride a bicycle for improved muscles

There is a common perception that riding a bicycle only involves the use of leg. This is a lie since every part of the body is concerned in this form of body fitness. To achieve balance, both the upper and lower body parts have to be coordinated. With such holistic involvement of body parts, every muscle around the hips, thighs, legs and arms gets to feel the impact of the exercise and is therefore strengthened and toned down for a healthy and fit body.

Ride a bicycle to a better Body stamina

Bicycle riding provides the best remedy for working on body stamina. As you cycle your way through different terrains and over slopes, you get to coordinate your body to maintain its balance. This however doesn’t just end after you are done cycling as you get to feel its effect even as you walk, stand, crawl or run.

Ride a bicycle to Cardio-vascular fitness

Being an aerobic exercise means that the heart is one of the beneficiaries. Coronary heart diseases and other heart conditions are known to be managed or prevented by riding a bike. With up to 7% increase in cardiovascular fitness among people who ride their bikes to work, health practitioners approve of this exercise. (Get more info about the OC road bike renting service and how to fully optimize your bicycling)

Ride a bicycle to remarkable Weight loss

Too much calorie in the body is really not good for anyone who is mindful of his weight and health. Cycling therefore helps to burn excess calories from the body. The more you ride your bike, the more you will feel its impact. Increasing your frequency of cycling is the surest way of eliminating a larger amount of calories from your body within a short time.

Ride a bicycle to an Improved Body Coordination

A variety of activities require that you coordinate different body organs. Since the whole body is involved in the process of riding a bicycle, you get to improve your coordination which is important for your daily activities.

Ride a bicycle to strengthen your bones

Bones are joined at strategic places to allow for movement. With easy movement being necessary for a fit body, the repeated movement and challenges the bones are exposed to when cycling eliminates stiffness at the joints and makes them stronger.

Ride a bicycle to an improved Mental Health

Exercises are known to improve mental health. Riding a bicycle helps you remove your mind from the stressful situations you are facing and instead put it on the exercise. With your mind on the beautiful nature and physical fitness, you are unlikely to keep thinking of the depression and stress that lingered within your mind before. This might be one of the best solutions for reducing suicide rates being reported annually.

Health Statistics

So many studies have been conducted to determine the health benefits of riding a bicycle. One of them discovered that body calories amounting to 11 pounds can be lost by spending 30 minutes of your day every year on a bicycle. Even more pounds can be lost if you increase your frequency of riding a bicycle.

Another study was conducted among civil servants who frequently rod their bicycles to work. It was discovered that they had better immune systems compared to their colleagues who chose to use other means of transport. It is also very interesting that even after considering all the injuries that cyclists are exposed to, studies show that their lifespan is likely to be longer than those who don’t ride bicycles.

People are dying from cancer, loosing limbs due to poor body coordination and getting on wheelchairs because of arthritis just because of poor lifestyles. While it is understandable that a major part of our population is held up at their work places,   there is no excuse about not having time to enroll for fitness classes when you can peddle your way to a healthy body.

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Popular top health benefits of Yoga

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Popular top health benefits of Yoga

Yoga whether practiced in Bangalore or in one of the busiest Manhattan streets is one of the most natural and effective ways to achieving a clean healthy body. Though people practice yoga for different reasons, the obvious benefits that all must agree to include better health. The original roots of yoga can be traced to mid BC centuries when interaction between societies was limited. It was and still is a strong component of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is practiced together with other religious activities to make up the different religions. Yoga was introduced to the western world and to the rest of the planet in the 19th century. Many have come aboard because of the many health benefits of yoga. Here are some of the popular benefits and which one can attest to upon starting active living in line with yoga;yoga-1349913

Flexibility becomes easy and fun

You must admire a person who is agile or one who runs a 100 meter dash or does some gymnastic antics easily without having to think about it. A healthy life is what everyone wants especially in this age when a big percentage of the population is obese or overweight. Fitness is one of the health benefits of yoga. On your first day of practice it is very possible that you won’t even be able to touch your toes. With time however, your muscles will loosen and you will find it easy to reach any part of your body. Even though there will be some pain and soreness in your body for the first few days, keep on practicing and you will enjoy the loosening of the hamstrings and other muscles of the body.

Body strength improves

A large body or a seemingly fit body is necessarily not a strong body. A strong body means that your health also improves tremendously. Diseases such as cold, heart conditions, diabetes and even obesity become some of the issues you evade by practicing yoga. The flexibility that comes with yoga ensures that you are able to balance your weight evenly and easily. Subsequently, this also means that you get muscles at the right places of the body which then means you become wholesomely stronger and well toned.

A perfect posturehealthy posture

A bad posture grows into your character and sooner rather than later you discover that you cannot change the hands of time or get back the perfect body posture that you used to have. Yoga can very easily help you regain or acquire the perfect sitting, walking or sleeping posture that will make your life so much better. Your head is symmetrical and when placed perfectly on the spine, there is less load and work for the neck as well as the body muscles. This means your muscles don’t have to work extra and this means you get less tired at the end of the day. For a better posture, visit these guys Phoenix Yoga Studios

health and mental health yogaYoga prevents joint breakdowns

Your body when in motion helps the joints and bones to become strong. Such activities as yoga help your bones and joints go through various motions that make them stronger and help in your body avoiding ailments such as arthritis. Moreover, the movements of the joints and bones make the cartridges squeeze and soak. Cartridges work best when they are forced in out of joints. This being one of the many health benefits of yoga, your body becomes stronger and agile while at the same time ensuring that your body joints and cartridges remain in excellent working condition.

A healthy spine

Spine is definitely one of the most important parts of a human body. With a pain in the spine you will definitely have an awful day and the doctor will start rectifying procedures immediately. Yoga helps you deal with all of the issues affecting your life as far as your spine is concerned. The health benefits of yoga come with the proper positioning of the spinal discs which act as the shock absorbers of the body. Exercising them through yoga helps at keeping them at exceptional healthy state.

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What You Should Know About Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

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False negative results of HCG

One of the major times when one gets a false negative result after testing for HCG is when the test is done too early in the pregnancy. As a result of anxiety, one may perform the HCG test a day or two after fertilization has taken place. In such a case, the result will read negative yet the pregnancy is positive. A few days later when the same test is done a positive result is obtained even when there has been no sex since the last test.

When one suspects a false negative result, further tests can be ordered. Alternatively, other types of tests can be done so as to confirm such. For example the physician can order for a pelvic scan. If it is a false negative result on the tests, a pelvic scan will show nothing on the uterus.

False positive results of HCG test

Another time when there can be a false positive is when there is presence of protein in the urine. This gives a positive result especially in the home based test which tests for HCG presence and not quantity. It is considered a false positive because it is indicating a possibility of pregnancy yet the reality is there is no pregnancy.

Another situation that can lead to one getting positive results yet there is no pregnancy is when one gets it into their mind that they are pregnant. All physical conditions will also show that they are pregnant yet the reality is that they are not pregnant. When this happens the pituitary gland in the brain sends signal to the body that it is pregnant. The body responds by behaving like it is pregnant. Changes such as missed periods, breasts enlarge and become more sensitive, the feet also start to swell and the stomach also enlarges just like it does during true pregnancy.

a healthy diet is important during pregnancy

When a HCG test is done it may also be positive yet it is supposed to be negative. The only test that can show that indeed there is no pregnancy is the pelvic scan or ultra sound done on the womb. It shows there is no embryo or fetus that is growing in the stomach.

Fragments of HCG molecules may also be found in the urine or blood after a miscarriage or abortion. This may also cause the test results to read as positive. Just as in the case of a false negative result, further tests should be done on the samples to confirm especially in the cases of doubting the results at hand. This is mainly done by the lab technician and interpreted to the patient by a health physician.


When one is on certain drugs for medication, test result of HCG may indicate a positive. This is considered a fal se positive because, HCG should mainly be used to determine pregnancy. So when it is positive with no pregnancy it qualifies to be called false positive. The drugs which mainly cause a false positive are anti-convulsing drugs, hypnotics drugs, anti-histamine drugs and in other cases diuretics. An example of drugs that can provide a false positive – Simply Slim real HCG drops


Other Indications of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin

don't forget the fruits and veggies ladies!The presence of HCG in the urine or blood is the main confirmation of positive pregnancy. However it might be an indication of some types of cancers in the body. When one is not pregnant and is found to have very high levels of HCG, It might be an indication of a pregnancy related cancer. However, high levels of HCG, might be a major symptom of cancer or tumor in the breast, lungs and kidney. There is a strong possibility of tumors in these body tissues when HCG is tested and found in the blood.

Males may also be found with HCG after a test. When this is the case then it is a likely possibility that the individual has cancer in the testicles.

Therefore HCG particles found in either males or females in cases of no pregnancy, should prompt the physician or the patient to order for further tests to either confirm the presence or absence of cancer tumors.

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Winter Snacks For Weight Loss

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Winter Snacks For Weight Loss

 Struggling with your weight is always a hard battle. It is, ostensibly, a fight with your own body. Obviously, this can be a struggle a person deals with for years and years.
Summer it is quite easy to stick to. Because the weather is warm you are happy to have healthy salads for your lunch, while you spend a lot of time outdoors, get more exercise and have more motivation to get up and go to the gym in the evenings.

However, this will often change during the winter. Because the evenings are dark and cold, the last thing you feel like doing is leaving the warmth of your house just so that you can trek to the gym and work out for an hour. Furthermore, after a long day at work followed by the long commute home in the cold and rain, all you will want to do is get indoors, settle in front of the sofa with a cosy blanket and enjoy a great film so you can unwind and relax in the warmth.

The winter is the hardest time for those trying to lose weight. The holidays are notoriously dangerous for habitual snackers but the implementation of daylight savings time means less sunlight during the waking hours. For those who work a 9-5 job, the chances of getting out into the sunshine are small. By the time you reach home, the sun is down, making it far less likely that you’re going to go out for a walk in the park.The lack of sunshine means there is less vitamin D in your system. This regulates portions of your brain that stimulate mood and energy. When your body is feeling sluggish, you’re more likely to sit on your sofa after a long day at work and snack.

Winter snacking means winter poundage. This “hibernating” weight can add up very quickly. It’s not possible to make the sun stay out longer to get your outdoor exercise, but it is possible to start eating healthy snack foods.

When you’re at the grocery store this week, try to buy some low fat snacks instead of cookies or chips. Not only will this help cut down the amount of fat intake during the winter months, it will also potentially boost your energy levels. Getting something like whole wheat crackers that are high in protein will boost your energy enough that you might feel like going out for that walk anyway, even if it’s dark and cold.

You can also help boost your mood and healthy eating habits by eating foods high in vitamin D. Fish is one of the only foods that is has a naturally occurring high content of vitamin D, the mood booster! Take some of those whole wheat crackers I mentioned earlier, and use them as a crust for your next halibut dinner. Voila, a meal that is not only healthy for you, but is also high in vitamin D. It’s a win-win.

If you’re someone who is struggling with your weight, the winter months might be a rough time. Try getting out in the sun for a little while each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes to go and grab yourself some lunch. Don’t forget to grab some low fat snacks while you’re out!

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