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Beachbody One Demand Review

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Beachbody One Demand Review

Beachbody On Demand is an extensive library of notable workout programs made available with modern conveniences such as streaming video and on-demand access. With a healthy back catalog that’s growing all the time, you can use any lesson you wish to help make your workouts as varied or focused as you need. You’ll have full access at all times and on any of your electronic device. With so other many platforms using the “a la carte” method for online entertainment these days, it’s about time that it found its way into the health and fitness industry!

1 – The Lineup

While it would be easy to assume that the lineup of included workout programs would be full of inconsequential filler that no one has heard of, there are actually some serious heavy hitters here. Notable examples include the 10 Minute Trainer, Insanity Max 30, Beachbody Yoga Studio, 3 Week Yoga Retreat, Brazil Butt Lift, P90X, and many more. Several of the most famous variations (such as P90X One on One) are also included. There’s no doubting that this is an incredibly comprehensive collection of instructional fitness programs. You can purchase it at fitness rocks with beach body on demand website.

2 – Customization

With its wide variety of available workout regimens, Beachbody On Demand allows you to cultivate your own exercises routines that focus on your particular problem areas or personal limitations. If one program has an ab targeted exercise that seems too demanding, you can flip through until you find one that better suits your needs. This also allows you to fill any gaps from one program with the strengths of another, giving you the best of the best across the board. You’re also given the ability to create custom schedules to help give you a bit more accountability throughout the week.

3 – Access

Much like the streaming platforms such as Netflix or Hulu that seemingly inspired the idea, Beachbody On Demand is a subscription service. As long as you keep paying for the program you will have full access. There are several tiers available, including a full year or three months at a time. Fortunately, you can use the service for a full month for absolutely no charge.

You’ll be able to check in through devices such as your computer, smartphone (on Android and iOS alike), or television with the likes of Roku or Amazon Fire TV. Please note that you’ll need a fast connection to get the most out of the service since it relies upon HD streaming video. While that’s a given for most people these days, it’s still important to consider (especially if you have limited bandwidth).

When it comes down to it, that’s really all you need to know! Beachbody On Demand is a stellar idea that can easily help people get fit. Having such an amazing selection of instructional workout videos at your disposal is an amazing convenience. You’ll have to be accountable enough to pick a schedule and stick to it of course, but any goal you have can easily be reached with just a bit of hard work and determination.

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Benefits of a Full Time Personal Training Course

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peanuts healthyBenefits of a Full Time Personal Training Course

Do you have deep interest in fitness matters and enjoy personal training?  If so, then taking personal trainer courses is a good thing because they will prepare your way to a career in fitness.  There are various options for you to study personal training either full time or part time. It is a flexible course but when personal training is really your passion, it would be good if you can study full time. This is unless you have no other option.

Enrolling for full time personal trainer course is one best ways to help you become a qualified personal trainer in least period of time. Finding full time courses that meet your requirements is easy when you know your goals in fitness industry.

When you get full time personal trainer courses, you just need to work hard and will soon get certification that makes you qualified to start practicing the profession. Most trainer courses will admit students without prior training in fitness to start with a program and complete full portion with certificate level.

Some educational institutions will separate courses into different levels. One of the popular models is where students begin at gym instructor level. The next step is a level two certificate followed by a level three certificate.


What is the qualification to practice as a personal trainer?

A level three certificate makes you eligible to practice as a professional personal trainer in countries such as UK. The purpose of personal trainer courses that take you to level three certificate levels is to give you the necessary skills that transform you from a student to a person ready for employment in personal training industry.

Full time personal trainer courses allow you to earn decent salary in heath and fitness profession. It also prepares you to start you own personal training business. When you complete this course, you can also go on to more advanced courses that come after certificate level. These courses will further improve your skill base and increase the amount of salary you can ask for.

In order to facilitate easier learning, institutions usually split personal trainer courses into various sections.  These are short sections because certificate courses in personal training takes several weeks.


What do personal training students learn?

Usually, the students learn a number of things about the human body and exercising including:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Warm up
  • Stretching exercises
  • Cool down routine
  • Developmental stretchingsit up

The course teaches you to create personal fitness programs, using gym equipment including weight and cardiovascular machines. The course introduces body weight training and ways to offer efficient care to your clients to promote full benefits of the physical fitness.

These are essential but you can even learn more in the advanced parts. In the advanced personal trainer courses, students learn about the following:

  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Deliver personal training sessions to clients using functional and portable equipment
  • Analysis of movement
  • Stability and flexibility
  • Motivating clients
  • Changing behaviors that hinder physical fitness improvement
  • Dealing with persons suffering from specific health conditions

You can also decide to take courses that specialize in your own interests. Some of the specialist courses are:

  • Teaching indoor cycling
  • Circuit training
  • Sport nutrition
  • Suspension training
  • Training in advanced first aid
  • Obesity prevention in children
  • Marketing personal training services


Requirements to join personal trainer training program

To join full time personal trainer courses does not have many pre-requisites. It is much of a course for everyone who has completed high school and has at least the minimum personal fitness level.

A full time personal trainer course has various activities. There will be class study and homework sessions. Instructors take students through the course in classroom and gym.  The method of teaching might vary from one institution to another but hands-on experience is usually the most preferred way of learning.

suspension training

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Bicycling And Conditioning – Is it Healthy?

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Bicycles have been used over the years for different reasons. The two major reasons are leisure and transport. Studies have however shown that there is a remarkable improvement among those who ride their bicycles to work or use them for other reasons more than those who don’t. It is therefore considered as one of the best ways of exercising the body.

Ride a bicycle for improved muscles

There is a common perception that riding a bicycle only involves the use of leg. This is a lie since every part of the body is concerned in this form of body fitness. To achieve balance, both the upper and lower body parts have to be coordinated. With such holistic involvement of body parts, every muscle around the hips, thighs, legs and arms gets to feel the impact of the exercise and is therefore strengthened and toned down for a healthy and fit body.

Ride a bicycle to a better Body stamina

Bicycle riding provides the best remedy for working on body stamina. As you cycle your way through different terrains and over slopes, you get to coordinate your body to maintain its balance. This however doesn’t just end after you are done cycling as you get to feel its effect even as you walk, stand, crawl or run.

Ride a bicycle to Cardio-vascular fitness

Being an aerobic exercise means that the heart is one of the beneficiaries. Coronary heart diseases and other heart conditions are known to be managed or prevented by riding a bike. With up to 7% increase in cardiovascular fitness among people who ride their bikes to work, health practitioners approve of this exercise. (Get more info about the OC road bike renting service and how to fully optimize your bicycling)

Ride a bicycle to remarkable Weight loss

Too much calorie in the body is really not good for anyone who is mindful of his weight and health. Cycling therefore helps to burn excess calories from the body. The more you ride your bike, the more you will feel its impact. Increasing your frequency of cycling is the surest way of eliminating a larger amount of calories from your body within a short time.

Ride a bicycle to an Improved Body Coordination

A variety of activities require that you coordinate different body organs. Since the whole body is involved in the process of riding a bicycle, you get to improve your coordination which is important for your daily activities.

Ride a bicycle to strengthen your bones

Bones are joined at strategic places to allow for movement. With easy movement being necessary for a fit body, the repeated movement and challenges the bones are exposed to when cycling eliminates stiffness at the joints and makes them stronger.

Ride a bicycle to an improved Mental Health

Exercises are known to improve mental health. Riding a bicycle helps you remove your mind from the stressful situations you are facing and instead put it on the exercise. With your mind on the beautiful nature and physical fitness, you are unlikely to keep thinking of the depression and stress that lingered within your mind before. This might be one of the best solutions for reducing suicide rates being reported annually.

Health Statistics

So many studies have been conducted to determine the health benefits of riding a bicycle. One of them discovered that body calories amounting to 11 pounds can be lost by spending 30 minutes of your day every year on a bicycle. Even more pounds can be lost if you increase your frequency of riding a bicycle.

Another study was conducted among civil servants who frequently rod their bicycles to work. It was discovered that they had better immune systems compared to their colleagues who chose to use other means of transport. It is also very interesting that even after considering all the injuries that cyclists are exposed to, studies show that their lifespan is likely to be longer than those who don’t ride bicycles.

People are dying from cancer, loosing limbs due to poor body coordination and getting on wheelchairs because of arthritis just because of poor lifestyles. While it is understandable that a major part of our population is held up at their work places,   there is no excuse about not having time to enroll for fitness classes when you can peddle your way to a healthy body.

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Popular top health benefits of Yoga

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Popular top health benefits of Yoga

Yoga whether practiced in Bangalore or in one of the busiest Manhattan streets is one of the most natural and effective ways to achieving a clean healthy body. Though people practice yoga for different reasons, the obvious benefits that all must agree to include better health. The original roots of yoga can be traced to mid BC centuries when interaction between societies was limited. It was and still is a strong component of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is practiced together with other religious activities to make up the different religions. Yoga was introduced to the western world and to the rest of the planet in the 19th century. Many have come aboard because of the many health benefits of yoga. Here are some of the popular benefits and which one can attest to upon starting active living in line with yoga;yoga-1349913

Flexibility becomes easy and fun

You must admire a person who is agile or one who runs a 100 meter dash or does some gymnastic antics easily without having to think about it. A healthy life is what everyone wants especially in this age when a big percentage of the population is obese or overweight. Fitness is one of the health benefits of yoga. On your first day of practice it is very possible that you won’t even be able to touch your toes. With time however, your muscles will loosen and you will find it easy to reach any part of your body. Even though there will be some pain and soreness in your body for the first few days, keep on practicing and you will enjoy the loosening of the hamstrings and other muscles of the body.

Body strength improves

A large body or a seemingly fit body is necessarily not a strong body. A strong body means that your health also improves tremendously. Diseases such as cold, heart conditions, diabetes and even obesity become some of the issues you evade by practicing yoga. The flexibility that comes with yoga ensures that you are able to balance your weight evenly and easily. Subsequently, this also means that you get muscles at the right places of the body which then means you become wholesomely stronger and well toned.

A perfect posturehealthy posture

A bad posture grows into your character and sooner rather than later you discover that you cannot change the hands of time or get back the perfect body posture that you used to have. Yoga can very easily help you regain or acquire the perfect sitting, walking or sleeping posture that will make your life so much better. Your head is symmetrical and when placed perfectly on the spine, there is less load and work for the neck as well as the body muscles. This means your muscles don’t have to work extra and this means you get less tired at the end of the day. For a better posture, visit these guys Phoenix Yoga Studios

health and mental health yogaYoga prevents joint breakdowns

Your body when in motion helps the joints and bones to become strong. Such activities as yoga help your bones and joints go through various motions that make them stronger and help in your body avoiding ailments such as arthritis. Moreover, the movements of the joints and bones make the cartridges squeeze and soak. Cartridges work best when they are forced in out of joints. This being one of the many health benefits of yoga, your body becomes stronger and agile while at the same time ensuring that your body joints and cartridges remain in excellent working condition.

A healthy spine

Spine is definitely one of the most important parts of a human body. With a pain in the spine you will definitely have an awful day and the doctor will start rectifying procedures immediately. Yoga helps you deal with all of the issues affecting your life as far as your spine is concerned. The health benefits of yoga come with the proper positioning of the spinal discs which act as the shock absorbers of the body. Exercising them through yoga helps at keeping them at exceptional healthy state.

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Winter Snacks For Weight Loss

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Winter Snacks For Weight Loss

 Struggling with your weight is always a hard battle. It is, ostensibly, a fight with your own body. Obviously, this can be a struggle a person deals with for years and years.
Summer it is quite easy to stick to. Because the weather is warm you are happy to have healthy salads for your lunch, while you spend a lot of time outdoors, get more exercise and have more motivation to get up and go to the gym in the evenings.

However, this will often change during the winter. Because the evenings are dark and cold, the last thing you feel like doing is leaving the warmth of your house just so that you can trek to the gym and work out for an hour. Furthermore, after a long day at work followed by the long commute home in the cold and rain, all you will want to do is get indoors, settle in front of the sofa with a cosy blanket and enjoy a great film so you can unwind and relax in the warmth.

The winter is the hardest time for those trying to lose weight. The holidays are notoriously dangerous for habitual snackers but the implementation of daylight savings time means less sunlight during the waking hours. For those who work a 9-5 job, the chances of getting out into the sunshine are small. By the time you reach home, the sun is down, making it far less likely that you’re going to go out for a walk in the park.The lack of sunshine means there is less vitamin D in your system. This regulates portions of your brain that stimulate mood and energy. When your body is feeling sluggish, you’re more likely to sit on your sofa after a long day at work and snack.

Winter snacking means winter poundage. This “hibernating” weight can add up very quickly. It’s not possible to make the sun stay out longer to get your outdoor exercise, but it is possible to start eating healthy snack foods.

When you’re at the grocery store this week, try to buy some low fat snacks instead of cookies or chips. Not only will this help cut down the amount of fat intake during the winter months, it will also potentially boost your energy levels. Getting something like whole wheat crackers that are high in protein will boost your energy enough that you might feel like going out for that walk anyway, even if it’s dark and cold.

You can also help boost your mood and healthy eating habits by eating foods high in vitamin D. Fish is one of the only foods that is has a naturally occurring high content of vitamin D, the mood booster! Take some of those whole wheat crackers I mentioned earlier, and use them as a crust for your next halibut dinner. Voila, a meal that is not only healthy for you, but is also high in vitamin D. It’s a win-win.

If you’re someone who is struggling with your weight, the winter months might be a rough time. Try getting out in the sun for a little while each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes to go and grab yourself some lunch. Don’t forget to grab some low fat snacks while you’re out!

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Exercises For Women Health

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Exercises For Women Health

Nowadays there are many new emerging health complications for women and the only way to help is by engaging in simple exercises and healthy dieting. It has been proven that exercises are a second alternative kind of healing. You don’t have top spend a fortune on surgeries or consultations, you only need top learn on the right exercises that will work for you.  Women are different when it comes in their body structure. If you have a wide bottom for example, the best thing to do is simply get the arms toned as this will make the upper part much tighter.

This can be done in the form of friendly workouts that will bring out a pear shape. For the women who have no curves at all, there is nothing to dread about. With some simple workouts, much concentration can be put on the waist area with the main intention of having the glutes sculpted. In some cases your burst and hips can be much larger in relation to your waist. In such a case, you only need to give much attention to the arms and legs through a series of workouts.


The heart is an integral part within the body system. Well, there are massive activities carried out by this part of the body and the best you can do is have it work in the right condition.  Aerobics have been associated with the good functioning of the heart for a long time. Circuit training is also one of the best ways to get your heart working.  It has been proven that whenever you start to work at high intensity, chances are the blood will also be pumped at a higher level and this will pose as a challenge to the arterial walls.  Cardiovascular fitness is what your body needs


Yoga exercises are among the best ways that will make your heart smile. Well, anyone can learn about them. When much practice has been done, chances are your arms will be toned and this will generally increase your health system. Women who have stressful moments should not rush for pills as they might not solve, there is no need to pump more chemicals within the body when help can come from regular exercises. In simple words, Yoga is just the best therapy in such cases. The brain normally releases the adrenaline compounds that will always fight or run away from the impending risk. Being calm is the safest way especially to the heart.

Women at some point will also come to the menopause stage.  This phase comes with many complications now that the estrogen levels have been lowered. It therefore means that much caution should be taken before this stage and this can only be done through regular exercises and also having a normal weight that will not bring much tension to the heart. Smoking and poor dieting are just among the worst enemies that can add more complications; it is possible to have people live beyond the age of 90 years without any complications. Women have to understand that heart complications can be avoided through regular exercising and good diet. 

In this case, over indulgence in foods with high levels of cholesterol should be avoided since it will make everything much worse. Some of the common symptoms that would ring a clear sign of heart complication include nausea, difficult in breathing, sweating or pains within the core muscles. Simple aerobics exercises are the best ways to begin with. The bad cholesterol also has to be removed from the body.  There are some kinds of foods that should never be included in a woman’s diet on a regular basis. For instance fatty meals will never add a mark. Ensure you have had a balanced diet and this should be done in portions.  Plenty of water will also make things much better as it helps to detox the body.  Women who are already overweight should make a wise step of   joining exercises as it’s the best way to keep the body fit from all kinds of diseases.  A healthy lifestyle is all about what and when to eat, of course this should be combined with regular exercises.   

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