Common Practices That Harm Dental Health

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Dental health is an important thing for you to maintain. There are however some common beliefs and practices which hinder maintenance of proper dental health. The habits that pose a danger to dental health are:healthy teeth

  1. Cleaning teeth with hard brush

There are many people who believe that it is better to clean teeth with a hard brush. It is wrong since using hard brush erodes enamel of the teeth from their necks. It makes the teeth to be rough on the surface and exposes the sensitive layer. It also causes gum to recede from roots. The right thing is to use a soft brush and toothpaste. Clean your teeth gently.

  1. Failure to clean teeth after noticing bleeding gums

There is a common belief that teeth should not be cleaned after noticing bleeding gums. This should not be the case because bleeding gums are the initial sign of inflammation which is caused by inadequate cleaning. If you avoid brushing the teeth, it will cause accumulation of germ layer leading to more infections and horrible odors. The right thing is to visit a dentist to examine the bleeding gums and offer treatment to prevent the situation from deteriorating.

  1. Removing food between teeth with wooden sticksunhealthy teeth

There is a coming belief that it is good to pick the teeth with wooden sticks to remove food particles stuck between them. This is bad for dental health because it injures gums and causes erosion of teeth. Do not use wooden sticks on teeth and spaces between them that are filled by gum. If you must use them, restrict it to spaces between teeth or gums whenever they are not in contact with each other but be gentle.  Well known dentist H. Peter Ku, D.D.S., PA   recommends to dental floss instead of wooden sticks.

  1. It is normal for expectant women to lose teeth

Although hormonal changes during pregnancy could make teeth and gums to be n more susceptible to tooth decay and other infections, it is not normal for a woman to lose a tooth with birth of each child. In fact it is always the case that a   woman suffers from decay or infection because the teeth and gums can stay healthy during pregnancy and delivery. The important thing for women planning to have children is to brush her teeth at least twice a day, observe dental oral hygiene and get periodic teeth cleaning by a dentist. Regular dental check up at this time is important since different hormones could worsen gingival inflammation increasing possibility of losing teeth. A dentist will notice it early and give tips on how maintain dental health during pregnancy. It is also important to eat healthy food during pregnancy and a good amount of vitamins necessary for maintenance of necessary calcium level to maintain healthy teeth.

  1. Using teeth to open cans or break hard things with teeth

carrots are good for you dental health

Breaking hard things or opening cans with the teeth does not exhibit their strength and hardness. It instead cause cracks within the enamel which could make the teeth to be broken or sensitive. You could even lose your teeth particularly if they are covered with ceramic objects or crowns. Teeth that have undergone root canal treatment are also more vulnerable to breaking.

  1. Failure to clean baby teeth

Many parents do not know that baby (deciduous) teeth should be cleaned and checked regularly be a pediatric dentist. These teeth   need cleaning and regular inspection especially for kids of 2-5 years. It is equally important to teach children how to clean their teeth and observing the routine unsupervised. Children should use toothpaste with less fluoride as it is not unusual for children to swallow small amount of tooth paste.

  1. Leaving breast or feeding bottle in the mount during sleep

When breastfeeding a baby, do not leave the breast or feeding bottle in the mouth compromises dental health. Most milk products have sugars that can cause tooth decay. Sucking for long time may also hamper growth of upper jaw.

There are many things people do or belief but end up affecting their dental health therefore it is important to consult a dentist about whatever you are not sure about.

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