Bicycling And Conditioning – Is it Healthy?

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Bicycles have been used over the years for different reasons. The two major reasons are leisure and transport. Studies have however shown that there is a remarkable improvement among those who ride their bicycles to work or use them for other reasons more than those who don’t. It is therefore considered as one of the best ways of exercising the body.

Ride a bicycle for improved muscles

There is a common perception that riding a bicycle only involves the use of leg. This is a lie since every part of the body is concerned in this form of body fitness. To achieve balance, both the upper and lower body parts have to be coordinated. With such holistic involvement of body parts, every muscle around the hips, thighs, legs and arms gets to feel the impact of the exercise and is therefore strengthened and toned down for a healthy and fit body.

Ride a bicycle to a better Body stamina

Bicycle riding provides the best remedy for working on body stamina. As you cycle your way through different terrains and over slopes, you get to coordinate your body to maintain its balance. This however doesn’t just end after you are done cycling as you get to feel its effect even as you walk, stand, crawl or run.

Ride a bicycle to Cardio-vascular fitness

Being an aerobic exercise means that the heart is one of the beneficiaries. Coronary heart diseases and other heart conditions are known to be managed or prevented by riding a bike. With up to 7% increase in cardiovascular fitness among people who ride their bikes to work, health practitioners approve of this exercise. (Get more info about the OC road bike renting service and how to fully optimize your bicycling)

Ride a bicycle to remarkable Weight loss

Too much calorie in the body is really not good for anyone who is mindful of his weight and health. Cycling therefore helps to burn excess calories from the body. The more you ride your bike, the more you will feel its impact. Increasing your frequency of cycling is the surest way of eliminating a larger amount of calories from your body within a short time.

Ride a bicycle to an Improved Body Coordination

A variety of activities require that you coordinate different body organs. Since the whole body is involved in the process of riding a bicycle, you get to improve your coordination which is important for your daily activities.

Ride a bicycle to strengthen your bones

Bones are joined at strategic places to allow for movement. With easy movement being necessary for a fit body, the repeated movement and challenges the bones are exposed to when cycling eliminates stiffness at the joints and makes them stronger.

Ride a bicycle to an improved Mental Health

Exercises are known to improve mental health. Riding a bicycle helps you remove your mind from the stressful situations you are facing and instead put it on the exercise. With your mind on the beautiful nature and physical fitness, you are unlikely to keep thinking of the depression and stress that lingered within your mind before. This might be one of the best solutions for reducing suicide rates being reported annually.

Health Statistics

So many studies have been conducted to determine the health benefits of riding a bicycle. One of them discovered that body calories amounting to 11 pounds can be lost by spending 30 minutes of your day every year on a bicycle. Even more pounds can be lost if you increase your frequency of riding a bicycle.

Another study was conducted among civil servants who frequently rod their bicycles to work. It was discovered that they had better immune systems compared to their colleagues who chose to use other means of transport. It is also very interesting that even after considering all the injuries that cyclists are exposed to, studies show that their lifespan is likely to be longer than those who don’t ride bicycles.

People are dying from cancer, loosing limbs due to poor body coordination and getting on wheelchairs because of arthritis just because of poor lifestyles. While it is understandable that a major part of our population is held up at their work places,   there is no excuse about not having time to enroll for fitness classes when you can peddle your way to a healthy body.

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