Benefits of a Full Time Personal Training Course

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peanuts healthyBenefits of a Full Time Personal Training Course

Do you have deep interest in fitness matters and enjoy personal training?  If so, then taking personal trainer courses is a good thing because they will prepare your way to a career in fitness.  There are various options for you to study personal training either full time or part time. It is a flexible course but when personal training is really your passion, it would be good if you can study full time. This is unless you have no other option.

Enrolling for full time personal trainer course is one best ways to help you become a qualified personal trainer in least period of time. Finding full time courses that meet your requirements is easy when you know your goals in fitness industry.

When you get full time personal trainer courses, you just need to work hard and will soon get certification that makes you qualified to start practicing the profession. Most trainer courses will admit students without prior training in fitness to start with a program and complete full portion with certificate level.

Some educational institutions will separate courses into different levels. One of the popular models is where students begin at gym instructor level. The next step is a level two certificate followed by a level three certificate.


What is the qualification to practice as a personal trainer?

A level three certificate makes you eligible to practice as a professional personal trainer in countries such as UK. The purpose of personal trainer courses that take you to level three certificate levels is to give you the necessary skills that transform you from a student to a person ready for employment in personal training industry.

Full time personal trainer courses allow you to earn decent salary in heath and fitness profession. It also prepares you to start you own personal training business. When you complete this course, you can also go on to more advanced courses that come after certificate level. These courses will further improve your skill base and increase the amount of salary you can ask for.

In order to facilitate easier learning, institutions usually split personal trainer courses into various sections.  These are short sections because certificate courses in personal training takes several weeks.


What do personal training students learn?

Usually, the students learn a number of things about the human body and exercising including:

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Warm up
  • Stretching exercises
  • Cool down routine
  • Developmental stretchingsit up

The course teaches you to create personal fitness programs, using gym equipment including weight and cardiovascular machines. The course introduces body weight training and ways to offer efficient care to your clients to promote full benefits of the physical fitness.

These are essential but you can even learn more in the advanced parts. In the advanced personal trainer courses, students learn about the following:

  • Nutrition and weight management
  • Deliver personal training sessions to clients using functional and portable equipment
  • Analysis of movement
  • Stability and flexibility
  • Motivating clients
  • Changing behaviors that hinder physical fitness improvement
  • Dealing with persons suffering from specific health conditions

You can also decide to take courses that specialize in your own interests. Some of the specialist courses are:

  • Teaching indoor cycling
  • Circuit training
  • Sport nutrition
  • Suspension training
  • Training in advanced first aid
  • Obesity prevention in children
  • Marketing personal training services


Requirements to join personal trainer training program

To join full time personal trainer courses does not have many pre-requisites. It is much of a course for everyone who has completed high school and has at least the minimum personal fitness level.

A full time personal trainer course has various activities. There will be class study and homework sessions. Instructors take students through the course in classroom and gym.  The method of teaching might vary from one institution to another but hands-on experience is usually the most preferred way of learning.

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